The Nuts & Bolts:

ConventionalThe Agpro Cow Cooling System is a combination of a hardware and software that gives you, the dairyman, complete control of how your cooling system operates.   No more wasted water, cows stay cooler, and the system no longer runs when it doesn't need to. The cooling system uses our proprietary Master  controller to read the current temperature and humidity, calculate a true temperature and humidity index, and then activate cow cooling apparatus as necessary to achieve and maintain your desired temperature.

Dairy Barn Cow Cooling Fan Soaker
A typical Dairy Barn Setup.

Agpro Office Computer:

Agpro will monitor the status of your cow cooling system. Performance reports are reviewed daily. If equipment failures are detected you will will get a call and email so corrective action can be taken. Consultation is provided concerning cow cooling strategies; changes are made from the dairy office or Agpro office.

Dairy Office Computer:

Agpro procieds a dedicated computer that is connected to your existing dairy network and internet service. This computer is used to monitor, record, and send reports concerning the fan soaker system. Agpro maintains access to this computer thru the internet. Daily status information is automatically compiled from this unit. Agpro can access files, settings and provide upgrades remotely through this computer. This computer runs Agpro's fan soaker program.

Dairy Office Agpro Maestro Control Controller

The FS Master:

This unit updates the Fan Soaker Remote units with current time, temperature and humidity information every minute via the wireless link. The FS Master monitors the activity of each remote unit and transfers this information to the Agpro's fan soaker program running on the office computer.

FS Remote :

Each remote unit controls the fans and soakers for up to two cow groups. Each cow group can have two soaker solenoids and two banks of fans. Each remote sends status information to the master every minute. A manual button provides a way to disable all fans and soakers for a group area for a preset time.

Software :
Agpro’s FS Maestro program is designed specifically for Dairy Cow Cooling.  Daily records of temperature, humidity and THI are kept.  Cooling parameters are available and easily adjusted.  A simulation of how changes to cooling parameters affect power and water usage is provided allowing ‘what if’ analysis from your office.  Reports and alarms are given concerning the status of your system.

· Temperature
· Humidity
· Temperature/Humidity index
· Fan usage
· Water usage
· Based upon temperature
and humidity
· Fan usage
· Water usage
· Using recorded
temperature/humidity profiles
· Status of remote fan/soaker controllers
· Current temperature and humidity